Our Mission

We are on a mission to redefine consultancy and create a new paradigm that goes beyond technical solutions; it puts the human experience at the forefront. We are committed to fostering empathy, transparency, and sustainable success for our clients.

What Sets Us Apart

“Surround yourself with people who, without hesitation or delay, support your growth, encourage your dreams, and root for your success”

That is the philosophy of Connect Centric Founder and President Jenna Reese, and it is the foundation for the lasting partnerships our team has built with organizations since 2009.

We’re your highly qualified bench of A-team players who are ready to jump in and play a key role in helping you accomplish your goals.

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A Foundation of Inspiration

Personal Connection

We’re all inspired and motivated by our personal histories and experiences. Jenna Reese grew up watching her mother run a successful art and framing business while simultaneously making time for family dinners, Jenna’s basketball games, and even creating her dream homecoming dress for her by hand.

The example her mother set as a capable female leader and attentive parent was the catalyst for wanting to start her own business.

From Solo Passion to Collective Excellence

With a passion for asking questions and solving complex problems, Jenna has grown Connect Centric from a one woman operation to a diverse and talented team of experts who are able to help enterprise leaders at scale.

Connect Centric is proud to offer best-in-class technology and strategy solutions while staying true to Jenna’s mission.

Insights at-a-Glance

Trusted By
Large Enterprises, Federal Agencies, and Non-Profits.

  • 2009
    Over a Decade Of Client Success
  • $500M
    Avg. Size of Supported Organization
  • 15+
    Avg. Team Member Years Of Experience

Corporate Expertise

Connect Centric has been serving organizations with 500+ employees for more than a decade. Our team has deep experience as well as professional certifications in business communications, technology and project management to power your organization, and corporate strategy. We bring this expertise to each and every client.

Finding Balance as a Leader

If you could delegate one responsibility to a trusted partner to allow you to breathe easier for the next 30, 60, and 90 days, what would it be? We know how challenging it is to hand off elements of an important initiative or to depend on others to maintain complex and critical internal processes.

At Connect Centric, we seek to be more than a contractor handling your IT or delivering business strategies on paper – we will work with you to understand your competing priorities, identify how our team can help, and work tirelessly by your side so you can enjoy ongoing success at work and at home.

We’re Here For You

Whether you have a specific initiative to discuss or want to start a conversation about a long term strategic partnership, we’re ready to help you and your organization flourish.

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