Third-Party Integrations

REDO REDO REDO our Government customers often look to third-party integrations to support quick deployment, decreased costs, and minimal IT support. This is understandable due to the increased manageability of cloud technology implementation through common APIs. However, third-party integrations present multiple risks to strategic, regulatory, cybersecurity, and financial results. We help your agency proactively address, mitigate, and manage these risks.

First, we ensure all third-party integrations have gone through the rigorous FedRAMP authorization program. FedRAMP allows government agencies to adopt cutting-edge cloud technology to improve customer experience while reducing procurement costs. However, third-party vendor utilization often means data is being transferred outside firewalls. By walking you through security and risk assessments, we take the guesswork out of FedRAMP requirements and ensure program compliance.

We develop strategies to manage communications, operations, change management, and integration rollback plans. We facilitate collaboration among all cross-functional teams to capture executive guardrails, success criteria, business requirements, and milestones, while always keeping customer experience at the forefront.

Tactical Deliverable Examples: