Performance Management

Connect Centric aligns your talent management and internal culture strategy with your mission objectives. We identify the skills and competencies needed across all contact center functions to not only prepare your agency for today but more importantly, prepare your team for the future. Whether we recommend adjusting your hiring profile to find the right candidate to support your virtual contact center strategy or developing a pay-for-performance program tied to key KPIs, our contact center consultants lend proven expertise to guide your journey.

Our Lean and Six Sigma-focused continuous improvement philosophy provides real-world experience to support your agency’s current-state optimization efforts and define future-state roadmaps. We tailor these toward service excellence and balance them with agency value and mission accomplishments. We also help your agency achieve quick KPI and SLA wins by developing a SMART Goal-based action plan in conjunction with your leadership team.

We bolster your results by delivering learning and development roadmaps, aligned with key competencies and practical application experiences. These are designed to innovate, collaborate, and deliver a new vision of agency value and service excellence for customer experience. Additionally, we help you deliver training in support of peak surge, develop the right blend between self-paced and facilitator-led training programs, or conduct learning and development exercises tailored to take your leadership team to the next level.

Tactical Deliverable Examples:

  • Curriculum Development and Training
  • Competency Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Recruitment and Hiring
  • Innovation Lab
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)