Data & Analytics

We prepare your contact center for an omnichannel analytics platform that aggregates and analyzes customer touchpoints across email, phone, chat, social media, and online forums to provide insights to improve customer experience. Leveraging these insights, you also gain information about employee engagement and processes that cause customer frustration. In turn, your contact center will be able to quickly identify the problem, determine the overall scale of the issue, and apply continuous improvement methodologies to resolve it. This impacts your fiscal fund alignment strategies through lower contact volume and improved Average Handle Time and First Contact Resolution rates.

Every contact center deploys Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as an element of their performance management strategy. But sometimes leaders don’t recognize the KPIs that have the biggest impact on the overall organization or may focus singularly on cost-saving KPIs, all to the detriment of customer experience. We know and follow best practice KPI strategies and take a balanced performance approach to guide your agency toward future-state KPI development, alongside reporting and dashboard templates designed with executive-level views and drill-down capabilities for frontline leadership teams.

Equally important for best-in-class contact centers are big data analytics and business intelligence. Taking analytics to the next level requires the ability to extract actionable insights from IVR, ACD, Quality Monitoring, CRM, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Workforce Management, and all platforms used throughout the CX journey. When this data is connected in a consequential way, your agency can utilize predictive modeling to proactively address concerns and drive change management initiatives. We collaborate with your agency to develop contact center intelligence that is easy to consume and act upon.

Tactical Deliverable Examples:

  • Future-State Reporting
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Productivity Audit
  • Workforce Forecasting