Contact Center automation spans a wide range of functions that allows agencies to remain competitive and efficient while delivering transformed customer experiences. Proper planning is essential to reduce customer and support rep frustration and to leverage these technological advancements to their fullest extent. Our experienced contact center team audits your current-state processes and provides best practices and case studies to eliminate mundane tasks. This means that your support reps can do what they do best—offer personalized and differentiated service that makes every customer interaction a world-class experience.

Some agencies prefer to utilize a phased approach to automation by combining Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) with a cloud-based system that integrates CRM and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), allowing your support reps to better personalize their customer conversations. CTI delivers screen pops to your support reps so they can determine basic caller information in seconds, focusing valuable AHT minutes on processes that are more human centered.

When your agency is ready for a complete automation transformation, we facilitate bundling ANI, CTI, and CRM integrations with AI, Chatbots, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) services to streamline and automate simple operations so your support reps can handle more complex issues. Self-service chatbots reduce your contact volume and wait time to improve the customer experience by delivering auto-responses to common questions. Additionally, automation powered by AI transforms workforce management, real-time adherence, training, and customer analytics.

Tactical Deliverable Examples:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Source Selection
  • Impact Analysis
  • AI and RPA Strategic Plan