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Connect Centric partners with your Federal agency to develop and construct a robust contact center. We apply multi-disciplinary efforts and engage cross-functional teams to ensure operational success for your agency and service excellence for your customers.


We assist your agency in defining and implementing your contact center strategy. Based on goals, requirements, and strategic visions, we support you in developing a solution that will accomplish your mission.

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Performance Management

Connect Centric delivers comprehensive talent management services that are highly adaptable and scalable to help your agency achieve performance efficiency while increasing agency value and providing a high level of workplace satisfaction for your agency’s support reps.

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By focusing on quality, impact, and execution, Connect Centric provides mid-term to long-range budgetary planning, which aligns your agency’s fiscal year funding with contact center objectives to achieve year-over-year improvements.

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Customer Experience

Connect Centric collaborates with your Federal agency to develop and construct a customer experience framework that is inclusive, personalized, and differentiated by aligning our Human Centered Approach© with your agency’s mission, objectives, and strategic vision.

CX Transformation

Connect Centric delivers a meaningful customer experience while helping your agency reduce operational spend. Our in-depth CX services, covering people, process, and technology, will closely align with the overall strategic mission of your agency.

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Best-in-class contact centers offer their customers communication through the channel of their choice while maintaining a unified CX look and feel across all channels. We help your agency develop a seamless touchpoint framework that delivers service excellence for all customer interactions.

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Connect Centric provides support for the full life cycle of the technology that powers your contact center, from defining requirements and selecting the right solution, to implementation and post-deployment support.

Cloud Transformation

Connect Centric's CX-focused cloud transformation service delivers powerfully simple omnichannel solutions, on-premises-to-cloud migration models, and recommended feature sets that will empower the success of your support reps and enable your agency’s commitment to innovation, agility, and fiscal responsibility within your contact center.

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Infused with the power of AI, Connect Centric’s contact center automation process will transform your agency’s omnichannel strategy into a model designed to deliver a best-in-class customer experience.

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Third-Party Integrations

Successful planning for third-party integration efforts must encompass a broad scope to ensure all mission requirements are met. Connect Centric helps your agency navigate the complexity of choices available on the market today and source the right technology needs for your contact center.

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Connect Centric partners with both early-stage and established agency contact centers to identify, manage, and proactively mitigate common and emerging threats. Following a risk assessment, our team develops a multi-pronged approach to protect your contact center from attacks, breaches, and regulatory fines or actions.

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Unified Communications

Now more than ever, information delivery to the right person at the right time is an integral part of a dynamic contact center. Connect Centric helps your agency develop a framework that allows your customers and support reps to shift seamlessly between channels, providing organized communications that keep your contact center running effectively and efficiently.

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Connect Centric keeps your Federal agency contact center running at peak performance by providing full support, metrics and reporting, and operational improvements for your contact center.

Business Process Outsourcing

Connect Centric supports the contact center solutions we provide by leveraging our highly engaged associates, powerfully simple technology, and human centered business processes.

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Risk & Compliance

By cultivating evolutionary risk and compliance strategies, we help your agency contact center convert from reactive to proactive risk management. Our workflows are designed to meet regulatory requirements while maximizing operational efficiency.

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Business Continuity

Connect Centric joins with your agency to develop a visionary plan designed to effectively deal with rapidly changing economic, regulatory, technological, and unforeseen global issues. We aim to maintain your business-as-usual practices as we swiftly adapt to ever-changing environments.

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Data & Analytics

Through predictive, prescriptive, and actionable analytics that support current-state optimization efforts and define future-state roadmaps, Connect Centric enhances your agency contact center’s value. Instead of being considered a cost center, advanced data analytics convert your contact center into a strategic catalyst, stimulating improved customer satisfaction and fiscal results.

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Connect Centric's value-added services, collaborative approach, and strategic focus, blended with our exceptional implementation tactics, equip your agency with a host of administrative and ancillary services designed to help deliver on your mission.

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